Monday, November 2, 2009

sitting in mommys lap watching the trick or treaters! i am the cutest ballerina ever(even with my pacifier) love, anna clay!

minnie loves mickey!

will was such a good sport and wore ears and all
xoxox minnie loves mickey xoxoxo

my new hat for my ballerina costume!

anna clays first halloween

will, anna clay, and myself spent the first halloween in tunica. daddy wanted to hunt and mommy was glad to spend time with her family...our plans were for anna clay to have her first spend the night out, but we decided to stay in tunica as well. we went to aunt callies house and handed out candy....jack marshall was there too! and he was the cutest puppy dog ever as anna clay was the cutest ballerina EVER! we look forward to each and every halloween and all the fun costumes to come!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

smiles ;)

Anna Clay was an early smiler...but they just keep getting better and better! she now smiles in response to both of will and my voice(and a few nonna and cici)! it really lights up our world! we love these sweet grins! we are excited about all the smiles to come!!!!

Mary Mason Bennett

September 14, 2009

one of my bestest friends welcomed her little girl into this world this year too! I am certain anna clay and mary mason will be great friends and have lots of fun times together! so exciting!


anna clay in her room, in her bed...with the help of her little froggy to sleep
Big thanks to will for making this happen! bc im certain i would have been fine with her sleeping in between us for the next 18 years...ha !ok maybe not! Will made me start putting her in her bed early. we tried this once at 3 weeks- and i think i got less sleep than any night because i was so nervous...but my goal was for her to be in her bed by the time i returned to work...and we won! thanks to mr froggy and the SWADDLE blanket...i will say she hated to be swaddled the first 4 weeks...but finally it worked! and boy has it! ha she loves it- she started sleeping in her room at 5 weeks and has since then. she even slept through the night 2 nights in a row at 6 weeks and 4 days! I can not even put her in the bed awake and she will fall asleep on her own. Im so proud of her and of me(i can say that...bc i never thought it would get any easier)!


jack wanting to be right on top of anna clay!

Silly Daddy

Will won the Country Club Championship- he says these are his 2 trophys

nonna and her babies

Anna Clay being held by Nonna(even though jack calles her dah)! jack is so sweet to anna clay. he already loves her and it is so obvious! It is so much fun for all of us to see jack and anna clay together. jack has named her bebe! he screams bebe often...blair says every baby picture in their is house is bebe and he wakes every morning asking for bebe! i think blair has the approval for number 2...come on blair! ha!!! we are both so blessed to have our own loving mother. my mom is so special to me and is so loving and giving. i now know just how much she loves me and understand our relationship on a much deeper level. i feel blessed by the relationship i have with both my mom and my dad- and i find myself hoping and praying that anna clay will be as close to us as i am to them...i am so grateful for my mother! and my father! and the love they gave, have, and continue to give!!!! xoxoxo i love you mom and dad!

i love my daddy... my daddy loves me!

anna clay and daddy!
This picture is not only Will's most favorite picture Jill took, but it is also one of my most favorite pictures that she took. For the most part because it tugs at my heart! It says so much.
Will has been an amazing husband and now he is an amazing father! I think one
word that always comes to mind when thinking of your father or husband is
safety! I love seeing anna clay so small in Wills hand as a protector.
He is so good with her and it makes my heart grow daily
for him! I hope that he and anna clay share the
closeness that my daddy and I have shared.
Little girls love their daddys
and daddys love
their little

All dressed up...

Going home from the hospital...
all dressed up in my gown from nonna
and my bonnett made by cici

our great friend, Jill Carter came the Friday we got home from the hospital to take anna clays first pictures! I can not thank her or brag on her enough. She did an amazing job on capturing the beauty of our first week with anna clay! I will treasure these pictures are just a few to share!

August 11, 2009

Our first picture

anna clay joined us at 3:23 am on august 11, 2009. Will and I can not express the love and joy we have in our heart! God is so good and we are so very blessed! Being a mother is like nothing I have ever experienced. Now that my 6weeks maternity leave is over I should be able to update our baby blog(anna clay blog) more often! she is 7 weeks today and these past few weeks have flown by(the last 7 weeks of my pregnancy seemed to creep by but I could have beg for my 6 weeks at home with anna clay to go much slower) ha!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

anna clayton worsham

anna clay arrived august 11, 2009! 7lbs, 15 oz. 20.5 " at 3;23am

Monday, June 22, 2009

Couples Baby Shower, Batesville

My sweet Batesville friends gave us the most fun baby shower and the sweetest Walter Anderson print for the baby room(pictured behind me and the hostesses)! We got so many wonderful gifts and had such a fun time with our very close friends. (Pictured: Amanda Dawkins Overton, Stephanie Guckert, Meredith Carlson Flemming, me, Lindsey Rice Petit, Megan Dawkins(soon to be Aldridge), and Amy Rivers.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Baby Bedding

Baby Bedding after a few adjustments to make it as sweet as
our baby girl is going to be.
more pics to come with the finished room!!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

30 weeks and counting

30 week ultrasound!
We had our 30 week checkup this week. We were able to get some really good pics of our little girl. It was fun! My mom and dad went with us so they could see her too! I thought she had Will's lips for sure. My mom thought she had my eyes and Will's mouth. Dad and Will just thought everything was amazing. Will was just excited to see her since he missed the last one. She has turned and is in ready position. The Dr. said we could induce at the end of July if I am ready. I am ready all right. It is getting harder and harder to move! Yesterday was a gift and amazing! We are feeling more and more anxious and excited!!!! Please continue to pray for her health and the last few weeks she has in the womb to grow before we welcome her into the world~!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Highs of Pregnancy

Being able to see our little girl at each appointment has been the highlight of being pregnant....That along with her kicks, punches, and all her movements. I was fortunate and started feeling her around 15weeks. It wasnt until about 19 weeks that Will was able to feel her. Now we sit and watch my tummy move as she moves. When I dont feel so good, just feeling her move makes me smile. It is a love that is already so strong and so pure and so amazing...I am so thankful to God that He has blessed Will and I enough to be parents. I hope all of my friends and family will pray for us daily that we raise her up in a way that is pleasing to God.
Will and I have not stopped since learning I was pregnant...there is not a function that we skip. Yes, there are times when I am in need of breaks, but it also helps for the weeks to pass by quickly. In the first trimester, when I was so sick, it helped me to just keep going...I mean you cant go to a party and complain that you dont feel just have to get it out of your mind. so my suggestion is to push forward and keep on truckin...
It is so much fun to guess who she will look like or act like or remind us of. I am certain she is going to look like Will, but with dark hair(the heartburn has me convinced)...I am hoping for curls- like Wills bc I can just see her now with those precious curls...but more than anything we hope for a healthy baby, and we hope to be great parents for her!

Its a Girl.....


We were able to find out early what we were having. Our ultrasound tech is the sweetest girl ever!!!! Ever since finding out I was pregnant I have just known it was a girl. I think because Will. I just think God knew he needed a sweet little girl to wrap him around her finger. I was so nervous for the ultrasound because we had never seen her or him at this point, and I just wanted to make sure everything was ok. It was so special and as we held hands we were told, "its a girl". Will was so sweet and he didnt show any dissappointment that he wasnt getting a son...he went right into saying she will be the first and youngest girl to kill this and that... ha!!!! We waited until our next appointment to officially start buying pink, but were thrilled the same when we learned it was for sure a baby girl.

Choosing her name....

we are still at debate on what to name our daughter. Will and I started strong with the name Reese(Reese Worsham) just had a ring to it...I love the R with the W. We then went on to Clayton, Ann Clayton, Anna Clay, Riley, Ryan, Jennings, Swayzee, Kathleen, Darby, Pratt, Hastings, Carter, adn several others I cant recall right now....This is her name forever and it is so much harder than I ever imagined(harder not only because Will and I are not agreeing, but also because its a really big deal)!!!! I want Will to love her name too!!! So this is something I want both of us to love. I was hoping we would know her name prior to seeing her; however, it is not looking like we will....

Sharing The News with The Family....

Since we were so close to Christmas we decided we would wait to tell the family(well, everyone but Callie bc she was impossible to hide this from)! We told Callie first bc she wanted some of my wine(that wasnt wine at all) and didnt understand why I wouldnt share...then we spilt the wine(that didnt smell like wine at all)! ha

Telling Wills family....

The weekend before Christmas we went with Wills Family to Atlanta to stay with Aunt Anthony. This seemed the perfect time to share the news with Wills family(as hard as it was not to tell mine first)! We had all been at dinner and were back at Aunt Anthonys(Will and I had to tell Melton and Linda first because they had quizzed us at dinner since I didnt drink...and Linda wanted to vicariously drink through me since she was already pregnant)! ha We had them fooled but decided to tell them on the way back to the house...It was very cute to watch Will get nervous....He didnt know what to say and then came up with the cutest line for his daddy(whom we were already on about quitting smoking for Linda and Melton's baby)! The conversation had been brought up Will went over and put his hands on his dads shoulders and said, "Well, dad you now have 2 reasons to quit smoking because Aimee and I are having a baby too." Everyone screamed and it was much excitement... Wills family was so good about keeping my secret until I was able to tell my family. I am so glad we were able to share the news in Atlanta with Will's Aunt Anthony and Hartwig...they were so grateful and made us feel very special.

Telling my family....
We were planning on waiting until Christmas morning, which is also my mother's birthday, but Christmas Eve's Eve presented itself better. We were at my Grandmothers(Nannies, dads mom). I had a gift for my mom that I told her was for her house but really special for Jack Marshall too(this is my oldest sister, Blair's first child- his first christmas) unknowingly Blair gets out the video camera and records the entire thing(priceless)! My mom went to open the gift and when she opened it up, it was a plate with Jack's foot and hand prints(making a reindeer)...Everyone OOOOoooed and Aaahhhhed over the precious gift. Then she pulled back the tissue paper and her mouth dropped...she saw the little mittens on the next plate that read baby worsham...her head hit the back of the chair and she said nothing for a while- then Blair leaned over with the camera and saw it- she threw the camera down and had a pep rally right there- Everyone burst into tears...including Will which made us cry was so special and such a big surprise!!!!! We shared the news with my mother's family the same way on Christmas morning.

We are having a baby...a baby girl

Since I am behind, I figured I would update anyone and everyone on our story of finding out and the months of pregnancy....

While we were not planning on having children this early in our marriage(we were married 6 months when we found out), we are thrilled to be so very blessed. Will and I were getting ready to go to the Olemiss MSU egg bowl- football game. I just knew I was worried for no reason(other than missing a few pills here and there)....well, I knew until I saw the PINK line. We were ready and dressed for the game and decided to stop by Walgreens to make ourselves feel better. We grabbed the $4.99 test at the counter and ran back by the house. I thought you had to wait like 2 minutes for a result, but I was wrong- it was there as soon as I set it down. I yelled for Will and cried!!!! he was so very sweet and assured me everything would be ok. What a strange feeling that day and the weeks to come where we hid this from close as I am with my family and as hard as it for me to keep a secret, we did. We waited until Christmas to announce the BIG surprise!!!!