Tuesday, June 2, 2009

30 weeks and counting

30 week ultrasound!
We had our 30 week checkup this week. We were able to get some really good pics of our little girl. It was fun! My mom and dad went with us so they could see her too! I thought she had Will's lips for sure. My mom thought she had my eyes and Will's mouth. Dad and Will just thought everything was amazing. Will was just excited to see her since he missed the last one. She has turned and is in ready position. The Dr. said we could induce at the end of July if I am ready. I am ready all right. It is getting harder and harder to move! Yesterday was a gift and amazing! We are feeling more and more anxious and excited!!!! Please continue to pray for her health and the last few weeks she has in the womb to grow before we welcome her into the world~!

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