Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We are having a baby...a baby girl

Since I am behind, I figured I would update anyone and everyone on our story of finding out and the months of pregnancy....

While we were not planning on having children this early in our marriage(we were married 6 months when we found out), we are thrilled to be so very blessed. Will and I were getting ready to go to the Olemiss MSU egg bowl- football game. I just knew I was worried for no reason(other than missing a few pills here and there)....well, I knew until I saw the PINK line. We were ready and dressed for the game and decided to stop by Walgreens to make ourselves feel better. We grabbed the $4.99 test at the counter and ran back by the house. I thought you had to wait like 2 minutes for a result, but I was wrong- it was there as soon as I set it down. I yelled for Will and cried!!!! he was so very sweet and assured me everything would be ok. What a strange feeling that day and the weeks to come where we hid this from close as I am with my family and as hard as it for me to keep a secret, we did. We waited until Christmas to announce the BIG surprise!!!!

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