Tuesday, September 29, 2009

nonna and her babies

Anna Clay being held by Nonna(even though jack calles her dah)! jack is so sweet to anna clay. he already loves her and it is so obvious! It is so much fun for all of us to see jack and anna clay together. jack has named her bebe! he screams bebe often...blair says every baby picture in their is house is bebe and he wakes every morning asking for bebe! i think blair has the approval for number 2...come on blair! ha!!! we are both so blessed to have our own loving mother. my mom is so special to me and is so loving and giving. i now know just how much she loves me and understand our relationship on a much deeper level. i feel blessed by the relationship i have with both my mom and my dad- and i find myself hoping and praying that anna clay will be as close to us as i am to them...i am so grateful for my mother! and my father! and the love they gave, have, and continue to give!!!! xoxoxo i love you mom and dad!

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