Monday, November 2, 2009

sitting in mommys lap watching the trick or treaters! i am the cutest ballerina ever(even with my pacifier) love, anna clay!

minnie loves mickey!

will was such a good sport and wore ears and all
xoxox minnie loves mickey xoxoxo

my new hat for my ballerina costume!

anna clays first halloween

will, anna clay, and myself spent the first halloween in tunica. daddy wanted to hunt and mommy was glad to spend time with her family...our plans were for anna clay to have her first spend the night out, but we decided to stay in tunica as well. we went to aunt callies house and handed out candy....jack marshall was there too! and he was the cutest puppy dog ever as anna clay was the cutest ballerina EVER! we look forward to each and every halloween and all the fun costumes to come!