Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas TIme is NEAR

We went to see Santa last weekend...and although anna clay LOVES to say HO HO HO! she didnt LOVE santa! ha I will make sure to upload all the cute christmas pics...even though she is crying in her picture...i do believe it will be a picture I will always love. This month has been THE BEST...i love hearing mommy more than anything in this world(ok her saying i love you mommy will top that for sure)...all we can do now is the I and the You! cant get the LOVE just yet... but everyday we hear new world and it is just so much fun! mommy, daddy, dog, woof, woof, (me me for meow), a cow says...mooo!!!! she loves that one! IG(for big for my dad) and nonna(for donna, my mom)! she will also say Jack and Archie(bc she loves her cousins) and griffin(is just baby)! she calls her pacifier a baby bc i always take it from her and say thats for babys.. ha! juice(is said LOTS) no no!!! with a shake of a finger.. and all gone(sounds like ahhhhga)! ha please(pronounced peeeeas alogn with the sign language) and more(moooo with the sign language)! oh and how can i forget ELLA.. her best friend... we say ella all the time! and we are working on anna clay- which she has said about 3 times(yesterday)! she really thinks her name is ella bc ella calls her ella too! isnt that cute! gosh, i feel like i am leaving out so many things.. these are the type of things i try to write in our baby book(but gosh, there isnt enough room for all of it) and i really want to be able to look back and remember what she was doing at 15months- when we have another one(hopefully, one day...just not anyday soon)! i am just soaking her up... and i love everyday more than the day before. I look forward to Christmas with all of our families and the LOVE that we share during this wonderful CHRISTIAN Holiday! MERRY CHRISTMAS! xoxo

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